Your Own Business from Your Knowledge and Passion

If you’re a Baby Boomer, or someone else with lots of work experience, perhaps you’ve been interested in starting your own business. I help two main groups of Boomers:

  1. Boomers who know the business they want to start, but want to make sure they’re doing the right things beforehand, and know what they need to keep doing later.
  2. Boomers who know they want to start a business, want some help figuring out which, and also want to make sure they’re doing the right things beforehand, and know what they need to keep doing later.

Yet, many wonder if it’s too late. With my program The Second Boom: Billion-Dollar Company Secrets You Can Use to Start Your Second Boom, you’ll learn the right things to do, and that it’s not too late.

The Post-World War II Baby Boom Generation was our first boom. The Second Boom is the impact that our generation and others who have been working for years can make now. It’s your chance to take the experience and knowledge you’ve collected over the past 25 to 40 years, to create new businesses and opportunities for yourselves and to benefit your loved ones.

If you’re a Boomer (or, if you’re not, I’ll make you an honorary one!) and are interested in starting and growing what might become your Second Boom, you should attend a free webinar I give on The Second Boom. In it, I cover valuable tips and concepts taken right from my Second Boom training program. There’s no obligation, it’s absolutely complimentary, and all you’ll need is about an hour or so in front of your computer. And at the end of the session, there’s a special offer ONLY for webinar attendees. Click on my image below to learn more about the webinar.

At times I hold a live weekend workshop. I put a limit on the number of attendees to my workshops, to provide a more intimate setting, and time for personal attention. If you’re wondering what one is like, go here for more information.

Remember, just click on my photo below to learn about the free webinar, with that special offer at the end that’s not available to the general public.


2 Responses to “Your Own Business from Your Knowledge and Passion”

  1. Dr James E. Atkinson Says:

    Gary: I’ll read just about anything, but I don’t do videos on websites. However, if you ever want to collaborate on projects or research, let me know. James (Dr James E.”I’m a recovering Baby Boomer” Atkinson)

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